We Prefer to Tell and Then Show

There is the way that most clients believe the internet to “work”, and then there is the way the internet actually works.
With all of the industry specific lingo and jargon that gets tossed around in an effort to “wow” customers, we take a decidedly different approach.
We take the time to understand your true needs for digital marketing and sales automation, then formulate a proven and easy to understand formula, then do our best to execute above your expectations.
We understand there are words, and then there are actions.  We deal in the latter.
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Knowledge is Power

What used to work in digital marketing has changed.

Spending BIG money on SEO is probably not your best use of funds.

Authenticity Rules the Market Place.

Pop-Up Boxes feel forced and do not add value serving to only upset user experience and page rank.

Staying ahead of the ever changing digital landscape can be mind numbing.

Let us be your trusted set of eyes and ears.

We implement current best practices that are consistently being revamped and recalibrated as the market demands.

We know a company should do what works now, while also looking forward to what will work tomorrow, which is different than what worked yesterday.

Are you building brand loyalty that is measurable?

Question: Are your clients your biggest advocate?

Are they sending you business that equals any media spend you may have?

Answer: Most likely not.

Having clients help propel your business to a level previously unimaginable sounds like stuff dreams are made out of.

Well, the stuff successful businesses are made of at least. At GSD Media Group we use hard earned knowledge, a touch of elbow grease, and a dusting of magic to create brand loyalty and a culture of raving fans that grow your business without massive media expense.

Most Sales Will Come From “Funnels”, NOT Your Website.

Customers prefer the most direct path to a decision while online. Landing customers on a fancy site with a bunch of options may not be your best route to a conversion.  Instead, consider building out high impact assets that allow immediate gratification. Or you could say, “You need higher conversion rates and very targeted sales funnels.”

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Increase Your profit, by Automating Sales, Follow-Up and Circular Marketing

With a high tech, programatic approach to sales automation and follow up, your company should be increasing customer acquisitions and lifetime customer value 24/7/365. We have spent thousands of hours creating a documented and compliant process that will increase your revenue, while decreasing your expense structure.  In some circles they call that PROFIT!

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Kontent Is King (Yes I Know)

Customers in todays market crave authenticity.  There is no method proven to be more effective than that of telling a compelling story.  That story will resonate with clients through different mediums (audio, video and typed word).  Your content should be consistent, and well thought out, while always sharing your brand values and message.  Our content creation and deployment formula has had incredible success and is why our partners look to us for customer engagement.

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Working hours

With staff and offices in three time zones, we pride ourselves on working until the job is done. We are not robots, but part of what makes us different is our ability to work like them.

Our history

For the past 8 years we have been quietly amassing a rolodex of connections and a database full of knowledge that allows us to rapidly deploy solutions. Ask us about our customers...we love to show off their success.

Selective By Nature

We take great pride in our work, and those we choose to work with. Our solutions are well thought out, and labor intensive. We have to be selective about our clientele in order to offer the best service.

Artificial Intelligence

You read that right. We have the ONLY access to a proprietary platform specifically focused on reasoning with artificial intelligence for cognitive reasoning in the marketing arena.

Perfect design

We design high impact pages that create urgency in your customers soul. The shortest distance between two points is a strait line, and we draw your clients directly to a conversion point.

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We would love to know more about your business, your goals and your need for digital assistance. Keep it simple and easy, we have plenty of time for the complicated stuff.